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3 things you need to do before you go to UEFA EURO 2020

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Soccer fans around the world are all excited about the upcoming tournament! How to get to the UEFA EURO 2020? What do you need to know before you pack your things in June 2020?

First of all, tickets for UEFA EURO 2020! Just so you know, the first application phase is already over. The next sales phase will start on Dec 2019. You can find the details about the UEFA EURO 2020 tickets purchasing on the official UEFA website.

Second, if you are attending matches in more than one host city/country, make sure you take care of your accommodation and transportation in advance. Hotels and Airbnb services are going to be super busy in any city on the list, so consider booking in advance.

Last but not least, travel visas. If you are already considering certain matches that you want to attend, you probably already know which cities and countries they are going to take place in. For those who don’t know, 12 countries will be hosting the UEFA EURO 2020: Azerbaijan, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, and Spain. Depending on the country where the match you want to attend takes place, you should check if you need a travel visa for entering that country.

Half of the host countries are in the Schengen Area. So far, there are no any details about specific visa requirements provided by the host countries or UEFA. Russia is the only host country that provided the information about implementing the Fan-ID system that was successfully used for FIFA 2018. The details of that system, as well as its advantages and downfalls, we will be posting in our next articles.

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